One of the most precious gifts traveling abroad provides is all of the opportunity for interactions with people you meet along the way. Whether its just the chance encounter or meetings by design, its these connections that bear the true fruit of travel. This page is dedicated to those people and businesses who inspired me. You should know I receive nothing in return. I understand the fundamental paradox of choice that occurs when it comes to spending your money or more importantly, your time. Listed below are both my friends and business recommendations, tell ’em Brad sent you!

Shambhu Shingh is a very honest and knowledgeable young man who lives in downtown Agra as a Tuk-Tuk driver.  He was my driver and local expert while I took a few days to enjoy the city of Agra.  As we remain friends even now I can feel confident you will be in good hands when I promote his service. If you are in Agra you should send this hard working guy a message. Click here for FB contact

Victory Motorbike is a premier motorbike rental company located in the heart of Phnom Phen. I have rented motorbikes from Johnny several times and the reason I keep coming back is based on the high quality of motorbikes that they provide.  Johnny is a motorcyclist as well as the shop owner and his experience really shows. He speaks English and responds to inquires Contact him today. Click here for FB contact

Kiwi Motorbike Rental is just pleasure to deal with. They offer a lot more than just high quality and well maintained bikes. They are one of the few who offer specialized agents in both Germany and Japan, a large selection of bikes as well as free pick-up and drop off! I was truly impressed with the overall condition of the BMW I enjoyed for the ride. If you want to make sure you get a quality bike and to make sure you have a perfect NZ ride experience make sure you go with Kiwi! Click here for FB contact

Jungle Cross offers off-road motorcycling through the Cardamon Jungle of Cambodia. Armed with hard to find local knowledge, Jungle Cross will take you or your group deep into the dense jungle on their high quality dirt bikes. Owned and operated by an EXPAT Englishman you can “Stick with Nick” and have the time of your life.    They have a fleet of Suzuki and Honda dirt bikes that are geared up to the task.  Highly Recommend Jungle Cross! Click here for FB contact

Holeshot Motowear offers the impossible in Downtown Kuala Lumpur…Hard to find high quality gear and accessories. Just looking at the gear I could just tell this shop was owned by motorcycle enthusiasts. I visit a lot of shops on my wanders and I was AMAZED to see the range of Brand Name ballistic gear they had on hand.  I could literally fly into KL and outfit myself from luggage to pants, jackets, boots and shoes, they have everything…even ROX straps!! I really enjoyed hanging out with you guys and I look forward to coming back! Drop in and check out their store, you will be impressed for sure!   Facebook link

Himalayan Mountrails is nestled in the mountain town of Manali, India. Sitting at the doorstep of the Himalayas, Manali is a wonderland for ADV.  Himalayan Mountrails is a Destination Travel Agency with nearly 10 years experience.  From Ladakh to Himachal Pradesh and EVERYWHERE in between, they have you covered with SAFE and experienced guides and services. Check them out! Click here for FB contact