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Connecting Kitsap to the World

Hello! My name is Brad, welcome to my travel website. I’ve spent the last 14 months photographing and motorcycling around Asia. This experience has left me with an overwhelming sense of community. It has changed my view of the world into what I now see as, “One Giant Community”. All of these positive experiences have made me question if I’m doing enough in my own community and I’ve decided to donate my time to the community in the best way I know, Photography. I’ll be making myself available for 30 minute sessions in designated locations to shoot portraits for families, friends or whomever would like to come out. A $25 donation will get you high resolution photoshopped “frame worthy” images from the shoot via email. The donation will go towards my next ride from Seattle to South America (more info on South America here) where I’ll be working along side The Muskoka Foundation on the “Do Good As You Go” project as a Catalyst Traveler, check out my bio here!

-Goals for the Community Photo Project

  1. Provide the community an opportunity to receive High Quality photography for a small donation.
  2. Use the funds raised from the photo project to help others in small communities in Central and South America by helping complete projects or purchase much needed supplies.
  3. Report back to Kitsap and show the result of their generosity through pictures and video.

Please get involved by contacting me directly. Please share this with someone who may be interested! Together we can do something small that has a huge impact to families around the world! Check out the links below for past outreach events and awareness videos 🙂

Opportunity in Cambodia

Living in the Jungle of Cambodia

I’ll hold separate portrait shoots in Kitsap. Starting in Bremerton on the 19th and then the following week in Silverdale on the 26th.  If I receive a good turn out I will continue the shoots within the local community through August.  Click the TABS below for details.

Kitsap Photography Project


I’ll be offering free photography sessions from 4 PM until 7 PM at the Bremerton Harborside Fountain Park near the Bremerton Ferry Terminal on the 19th of June.  If you have questions or would like to schedule a time, email me directly @ perpetualmoto@gmail.com Each session will last 30 minutes. A $5 donation will be required to secure a 30 minute time slot. Photos will be available after approx one week of processing time and the remainder $20 minimum donation. Number of photos may vary based on the session, weather conditions, etc. All donations will be used for small outreach programs I come across on the road to South America. See more about my South America trip here.



Harborside Fountain Park

251 1st Street
Bremerton, WA 98337


Community Photo Project Donation point


$5 required to schedule a time slot and remaining minimum donation of $20 prior to receiving photos by email.